NOVEC 1230 Fire Suppression System
NOVEC 1230 is the next generation Halon alternative. It is applied as a gas, but is liquid at room temperature. It has only 5-day atmospheric lifetime, making it the safest clean agent for fie suppression system. Full chemical name of NOVEC 1230 is dodecafluoro-2- methylpentan-3-one. It is designed in the NFPA 2001 and ISO 14520 clean agent standards as FK-5-1-12.

NAF S 125 Fire Suppression System

NAF S 125 is a trademark of HFC-125, Pentafluoroethane. It is important to note, NAF S 125 does not use the depletion of oxygen to extinguish a fie. It has a zero-ozone depleting potential, a low
global warming potential, and a short atmospheric lifetime. If follows NFPA Standard 2001 and/or ISO 14520 for specifi applications.

1. Extinguishes by removing heat from the fi
2. Highest heat capacity of the commercially available alon alternatives
3. Protects Class A assets, including those related to computer and telecommunication facilities
4. Colorless, odorless, compressed gas
5. Electrically non-conductive
6. Zero ozone depleting potential
FM200 Fire Suppression System

FM200 is a trademark of HFC-277ea, Heptafluoropropane. As a clean environmental friendly and low toxic fie-extinguishing agent, HFC-227ea is an ideal substitute for halon 1301, and has been listed on NFPA2011 standard fie extinguishing agent catalogue by US NFPA. FM200 Fire Suppression System

Inert Gas Fire Extinguishing System

Inert Gas Fire Extinguishing System consists of high pressure cylinders filed with either IG-55, IG 100 or IG-541 agent under pressure, connected to fied piping and nozzles or hoses which is designed in accordance with the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 2001: Standard on Clean Agent Fire Extinguishing System and EN 15004: Fire Fighting System.
1.  Typical concentration is between 7.9% to 8.5%
2.  Vast majority (>95%) of applications involve the protection of Class A hazards
3.  Suitable for the protection of Class C hazards (energized electrical equipment)
4. Zero Ozone Depletion for maximum environmentalism
5. Constant flow rate reduces hazardous pressure peaks
6. Requires less floor space


1. Data processing centers
2. Commercial military aviation
3. Military systems
4. Transportation
5. Medical facilities
6. Manufacturing facilities
7. Telecommunication centers
8. Testing/imaging equipment
9. Chemical laboratories
10.Flammable liquid storage
11.Textile manufacturing



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