Pre-Pack Pre-action system is perfect system to be used in applications where you need protection against inadvertent flooding due to sprinkler systems. Professionally pre-assembled cabinet with or without in built oil-less compressor with control panel.

Pre-Pack is pre-assembled Pre-Action System enclosed in free standing cabinet. The cabinet is pre-wired and requires water inlet, outlet valve riser and drain. All connections are groove-type to provide minimal installation time. Pre-Pack includes Deluge Valve, Riser Check Valve, Water Supply Stop Valve, Water Flow Supervisory Switch, Pressure Gauges, Built-in Air Compressor and Control Panel with battery backup. The cabinet comes with windows for viewing the release panel function and pressure gauges.

1. Professionally pre-assembled and factory tested
2. Internally wired
3. Quick and convenient installation
4. Compact, space saving and aesthetically pleasing appearance
5. Custom manufactured
6. All sides & door removable for ease of maintenance

Trim Confiurations
1. Single Interlock Pre-Action System with Supervised Wet Pilot Actuation
2. Single Interlock Pre-Action System with Supervised Dry Pilot Actuation
3. Single Interlock Pre-Action System with Supervised Electric
4. Release Actuation.
5. Double Interlock Pre-Action System with Electric-Electric Actuation
6. Double Interlock Pre-Action System with Electric-Pneumatic Actuation


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