Hose Cabinets

EMACO Fire Hose cabinets are made with high quality materials and required as standard accessories for the hydrant systems. The ergonomic design ensures that Hoses & Accessories can be stored and removed easily from the Cabinet, without causing any undue strain.

* Surface mounted, Recessed or Semi Recessed types

* Mounting Stands/ Brackets can be supplied if requested

Used to protect fie hose and associated fie hose hardware such as nozzles,
valves, and spray heads from exposure to harsh UV rays, effects of sun, rain,
chemicals, moisture, dust, salt air, insects, and temperature extremes.

* Body : M.S. Sheet 2-3mm
* Glass : Transparent, 3 mm thick
* IP56 Rating Compliant Weatherproof
* Size: 750x750x200 or 950x750x250 as HxWxD in mm

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