Check / Non-Return Valve

EMACO Check valves serve to prevent the back flow of medium in the piping system for protection of important equipment. The Check Valves are bossed on both sides of the body for connecting by-passes and have a drain plug at the bottom under the inlet end for attaching a drain valve. These Check Valves are available with rubber disc facings.

* Bronze, ductile iron, iron body, bronze mounted trim (IBBM), and corrosion
* resistant materials.
* Solder, threaded, flanged, wafer, grooved end connections
* End connections for Class 125, 150, 200, 250, 300
Pumps, Industrial processes, Domestic use

* Material : Ductile Iron EN-GJS-450-10

* Fusion bonded epoxy coating in accordance with ANSI/AWWA C550 for both

* interior and exterior surface which provides reliable corrosion resistance.

* Small hydraulic friction loss with reasonable structure design.

* Disc : D.I.+EPDM or D.I. + Bronze or Stainless Steel Sealing

* Bronze or Stainless Steel Seat

* Working Pressure : PN10/16

* Temperature Range : 0 o – 80o

* Connection Ends : Flange to BS EN 1092-2:1997, Groove to ISO 6182

* Swing type check valves, horizontal or vertical installation

* Pressure rating : 300/250/200/233/175 psi.

* Valve Body : EN-GJS-450-10

* Bonnet : EN-GJS-450-10

* Flat Washer : Carbon Steel Zinc Plated

* Bolts Carbon : Steel Zinc Plated

* Eye Bolt : Carbon Steel Zinc Plated

* O-Ring : EPDM (Option- NBR)

* Plug : SS304, (Option- Bronze ASTM B584)

* O-Ring : EPDM (Option- NBR)

* Hinge Pin : SS304 (Option- SS316)

* Washer : Brass ASTM B16 C36000/Hpb63-3 (Option- SS304)

* Hinge Bushing : Brass ASTM B16 C36000/Hpb63-3 (Option- SS304)

* Seat Ring : Bronze ASTM B62, C83600/ZQSn5-5-5(Pressed Fit), (Option- SS304)

* Disc Seat Bolts : SS304

* Retainer Washer : Bronze ASTM B62, C83600/ZQSn5-5-5

* Disc Seat Ring : EPDM (Option- NBR)

* Disc : EN-GJS-450-10

* Clapper : Arm EN-GJS-450-10

* Disc Bushing : Brass ASTM B16 C36000/Hpb63-3

* O-Ring : EPDM (Option- NBR)

* Washer : Brass ASTM B16 C36000/Hpb63-3 (Option- SS304)

* Nut : Bronze ASTM B62,C83600/ZQSn5-5-5 (Option- SS304)

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