Beaching Inlet – LPCB Approved

EMACO Breeching Inlets give the fire department the capability of supplying the necessary water to the automatic sprinkler or standpipe system at a sufficient pressure without pressurizing the underground supply. Known as fire department connection (FDC), it is required by NFPA 13 & 14 as part of a water-based protection system as the auxiliary water supply, which serves as an alternative source of water.

*Manufactured to comply with BS 5041 PART-3:1975
* Compact design with excellent flow characteristics
*Maintenance free and Vertical or Horizontal mountable
*Size 4" and 6"

* Outlet Flanged as E.BS 10 Table, Inlet BS 336 Instantaneous Male
* Two way or Four Way
Used by the local fire department, intended to be used by the fire brigade personnel to provide them readily available means of water inconsiderable quantities to prevent the spread of fire.


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